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Evaluate your CARDIAC HEALTH and your genetic potential to cardiac malfunction with a CardioGenomic Plus Profile  now available at INVIGORATE CLINIC Cardiac function is determined by the health of the cardiac muscle and by the contents of the blood that it pumps aound the body.  Factors that influence blood pressure regulation, lipid (fat) metabolism, inflammation…

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The latest in genetic diagnostics and preventative medicine now available

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  Understanding the basis of the approach: Our individuality is what defines us; different on the outside and different on the inside.  Our DNA defines our identity and significantly our DNA is unique to each of us.  We are familiar with the concept from the area of forensics where DNA can be used to identify…

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Maximize Your Energy: Part 4


Stress is defined as “a physical or emotional strain or tension, or an event that is perceived as being threatening to our physical or mental health”.  Levels of “stress” are difficult to quantify because each individual will react to stress differently. Perception of stress is another factor. An event that one person may perceive as…

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Maximize Your Energy: Part 3

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In Part 3 of the Maximize Your Energy Series, we will discuss the importance of good blood sugar regulation to maintain constant and steady energy levels. In part 1, we discussed how the cells of the body use glucose (sugar) to make the cellular form of energy called ATP. The body tries very hard to…

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Maximize Your Energy: Part 2


In Part 1 of Maximize Your Energy, we discussed the importance of testing for low iron and thoroughly assessing anemia (click here to read the article) In Part 2 we will focus on the importance of healthy thyroid function in optimizing our energy levels. The thyroid is a gland that sits in the neck. It…

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Maximize Your Energy: Part 1

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Low energy is one of the most common presenting complaints at Invigorate Clinic. There are a number of factors that can lead to low energy levels including An inability to regulate blood sugars Low iron status Stress and an imbalanced adrenal hormone axis Poor thyroid function Every cell in our body requires energy in the…

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Good Vegan and Vegetarian Sources of Iron

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There are two forms of iron available in food. “Haem” iron: found in animal products e.g red meat, liver. This form is better absorbed than: “Non-Haem” iron: found in plant sources Thus, vegans and vegetarians tend to be a high-risk group for iron-deficiency anemia. Good vegan and vegetarian sources of iron include: Pumpkin seeds Quinoa…

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Natural Anti-Acne Remedies


  Testing takes the guesswork out of nutritional interventions for skin conditions but here are my top Clear Skin solutions to get you started on the path to acne-free skin. 1. Moderate your consumption of high GL foods from your diet. If you are an athlete or sports person, you will know that consumption of these…

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex condition of the ovaries, which affects approximately 6% of females of reproductive age. Symptoms of PCOS include irregular periods, excessive hair growth (chin, upper lip and, very often on the forearms, lower legs and lower abdomen), acne (particularly along the jawline), infertility and obesity. Elevated testosterone is one of…

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Testosterone For Muscle, Power and Health

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Testosterone levels predict a male’s muscle mass, power and strength but testosterone deficiency is in fact much more common that most men (and indeed women) realise. This is due to a variety of factors including exposure to environmental toxins, stress, nutritional deficiencies, poor gastrointestinal health and of course, advancing age. Androgens (male hormones) are responsible…

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