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Understanding the basis of the approach:

Our individuality is what defines us; different on the outside and different on the inside.  Our DNA defines our identity and significantly our DNA is unique to each of us.  We are familiar with the concept from the area of forensics where DNA can be used to identify an individual in a crime or in paternity testing when it can be used to identify the parents of any child.  Now the technology has being extended to identify regions of the DNA that differ in individuals.  Of particular interest are DNA regions that significantly alter how you respond to medication, to environmental toxins and to food.

Our DNA is held each and every cell of the body on 23 pairs of chromosomes.  One chromosome of each pair comes from the mother and one from the father.  The DNA contains long strings of code which direct the synthesis of everything in your body and determine how you function and what you look like.   Genes are regions on the DNA that code for proteins which carry out all metabolism.  Inter-individual variation of the code leads to the synthesis of  proteins that are slightly different.   Different structure leads to different function.   These differences are called  single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs (pronounced SNiPs).   These differences are what dictate our response to the environment.   It determines our efficiency in dealing with toxins etc.  Medicines which work well for one person might not work at all for another or do so with greater or lesser efficiency.  Currently the only way of knowing whether a medicine will work for you is to try it and see and then to adjust the dose depending on how you respond if at all.  Frequently you will need to try a different medicine altogether in order to get the desired effect.   It is also the basis of our differential response to food and our environment.

SNP analysis of YOUR DNA allows you to identify YOUR variants.     Knowing your SNPs gives you an inside knowledge of how YOU function.  We specifically assess SNPs which are associated with common diseases / inflammatory conditions and your immune system in order to target areas that are most likely to effect your health.  The analysis puts your health in your power.   SNP analysis gives us the tools to advise you on how best to manage your health and avoid disease.

Who would most benefit from SNP analysis?

Newborn infants:  This is the very best time for an individual – as parents you are informed on what is the best  for you baby from the very first day so that you can provide optimal nutrition and avoid environmental  triggers that can lead to suboptimal health and ultimately disease in your child.

People with chronic disease SNP analysis can help to identify the most appropriate medication for your care and in some cases can identify the cause of your chronic disease.  This is particularly important when your current medical treatment is less effective than your clinician might expect

Healthy People:   Everyone wants to stay healthy.  Knowing your SNP profile can identify how to keep healthy as you get older and your lifestyle and body changes.

Healthy people with subclinical disease:   Many of us think that we are healthy because we can function on a daily basis.  However, millions of people worldwide harbour subclinical conditions ( no signs of the disease but it is building slowing in your system) .  Under these circumstances you are not functioning maximally or ideally.  Maybe you are tired or irritable, depressed, irrational – all symptoms that can indicate subclinical disease.  These traits can build up over a lifetime e.g. inability to detoxify a compound that you consume daily and the toxin levels build up slowly with time.  You may never present with disease but you still do not “feel” well and it is very difficult to diagnose.  SNP analysis can again give you insight that will improve your overall health

The sportsperson/fitness enthusiast/professional athlete: 

i)               Young person taking up a sport:  Identify whether you have the DNA that best suits your chosen sport/activity.  Use a SNP analysis to inform your decision of sport selection for your child.  For example if your child is involved in an endurance sport but his/her genetic makeup is not ideal for that sport you might encourage alternative activities.  Either way it puts the power into your own hands to know what activities your child is most likely to excel in.

ii)              Professional Athlete:  Nutrition is a key component of maximizing performance.  A SNP analysis will give you insight into how you metabolize your food and what foods are best suited to you to maintain your health and get the very best out of your performance tailored to your specific activity.

iii)            Amateur Athlete/ older fitness enthusiast:  Anyone with an interest in keeping fit and healthy will benefit from a SNP analysis.  Knowing your SNP variants will allow us at INVIGORATE to design  personalized diets/supplements designed with your DNA in mind such that you will be equipped to keep health for longer and enjoy your activity to the very best of your ability


Final words:

A SNP analysis is not a miracle cure, is not a medicine or a drug, it is information.  It is personalized information about YOUR DNA that will enable you to live the healthiest, fittest life possible.   It puts the responsibility of YOUR life in YOUR hands.  At INVIGORATE, we will interpret your data for you and with you.  


How you can get a SNP analysis?

Contact us on for a consultation. From there, Dr. Fionnula McHale (MD) will advise you if you are a suitable candidate and if the analysis is likely to be of benefit to you and or your child.  If selected, she will take a sample (either blood or buccal swab) to proceed with the analysis.  On receipt of the results you will be given a follow up appointment to discuss your DNA SNPs and establish a medical protocol for you based on that information.