Your Heart Genetics

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Evaluate your CARDIAC HEALTH and your genetic potential to cardiac malfunction with a CardioGenomic Plus Profile  now available at INVIGORATE CLINIC

Cardiac function is determined by the health of the cardiac muscle and by the contents of the blood that it pumps aound the body.  Factors that influence blood pressure regulation, lipid (fat) metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress all contribute to the overall health of the functioning heart.   Your lifestyle (e.g. if you smoke/exercise etc) and the foods you eat all influence cardiac functionality.  In addition your genetic makeup can

i)               influence your ability to metabolise and store fat and other foods and,

ii)              your propensity to inflammation and iii) your capacity to regulate a safe blood pressure.

We are now offering a genetic test that will reveal your genetic variations. These tests look at what are called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The test examines the genes that modulate blood pressure regulation, lipid (fat) balance, nutrient metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress.  This will therefore alert you to the potential of physiological imbalances and the wisdom of further clinical follow-up assessment.   Knowing your genes will allow Dr McHale to advise you on aspects of your lifestyle and diet that will ensure you maintain the healthiest heart possible and where necessary to prescribe supplements and/or medication.


The test uncovers potential genetic susceptibility to all of the following conditions

1. Hypercholesteremia

2. Atherosclerosis

3. Obesity

4. Hypertension

5. Coronary Artery Disease

6. Myocardial Infarction

7. Thrombosis

8. Endothelial Dysfunction

9. Stroke

Who will benefit from this test?

a)     People with a family history of cardiac disease

b)     Young and old  embarking on an exercise regime

c)     Those who have a history of high or low blood pressure

d)     Those who are on medications to control high cholesterol

e)     Athletes/sports enthusiasts

What is the procedure to have my SNPs analysed?

You just need to give a buccal sample i.e. a swab from the inside of your mouth.  It takes seconds to perform and is totally painless.   The analysis will take approx 6 weeks.  The results from your test will be explained fully to you at the clinic by Dr McHale and she will give all follow up advice.  The results are completely confidential.